Gonzo’s Quest Slot Game – How to Play?

Gonzos Quest Slot

Gonzos Quest Slot

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Pin-Up Up to $500 + 250 Spins
Trust Dice Up to $30000 + 25 Spins
Stake 200% up to a $1000
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Gonzos Quest is a NetEnt slot from the Gonzo’s Quest series. It begins with you, as Gonzo, going on a quest to discover the lost city of Eldorado and (more importantly) its many riches. The Gonzo figure appears on the reels, while a jungle music/bird song mix plays in the background.

The game’s main symbols are all taken from Mayan mythology, and the action occurs on 20 fixed paylines with an avalanche mechanism rather than traditional rolling reels. The game’s major symbols are all based on Mayan folklore.


Gonzo’s Quest Bet Size

Although the number of paylines is fixed at 20, you can adjust your bet size by choosing a coin size and bet level. For Gonzo’s Quest, the coin sizes are .01, .02, .05, .10, ,20,.50 and the bet levels range from 1-5.

The bet cost is 20x the coin size x the bet level. Therefore, the minimum spin bet is 20 cents (20 x 1 x 1), and the maximum possible spin bet is $50 (20 х .50 х 5).

Gonzo’s Quest Symbols

The board of Gonzo’s Quest has seven regular symbols, along with a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.

  • Regular symbols: The regular symbols are varied colored stones with an Inca carving of either an animal or human face. The most lucrative one is a grayish blue stone trimmed in gold. Five of these stones payout 2500 coins when appearing across a payline . Of the remaining six symbols, which are all regularly paying , they go in descending order as follows: green, gold, purple, tan, pink and light blue stones. In order to produce any sort of winning combination , three or more matching symbols need to appear from left ro right on consecutive reels – starting always with reel 1.
  • Wild symbol: The wild symbol is a gray stone with an engraved question mark in a gold circle. It helps create winning combinations by substituting for all symbols except the scatter.
  • Scatter symbol: The scatter symbol, or ‘free fall’ symbol, is a solid gold medallion with a face in the middle. This symbol can only appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 – it needs to show up on all three of these reels simultaneously to trigger the free falls feature described below (which is both elusive and potentially very lucrative.)
Gonzos Quest Online Slot

Gonzos Quest Online Slot

Gonzos’ Quest Special Features

Avalanche feature

Instead of the reels spinning like in most online slots, new symbols fall from above when you hit spin for each bet. If there’s no winning combination, don’t worry – just try again. And if you do get a payout? Hang tight because that same bet might give you more payouts.

When you receive a winning combination, all of the symbols involved in that win explode and disappear. This activates the avalanche feature, which is when new symbols fall down to fill in the now – empty positions. The avalanches will keep going until there are no more wins possible.

The win multiplier begins at 1 for the first avalanche. However, it increases to x2 if there is a second successive avalanche from the same bet and continues to increase by +1 until it reaches 5 (x5) for four or more avalanches.

Free Falls feature

The free falls feature operates similarly to the “free spins” bonus. The main difference is that instead of spinning, different symbols fall from above and land on the reels.

If three scatter symbols land on the reels simultaneously, you usually activate the free spins. In Gonzo’s Quest, however, you need three scatter symbols to appear on all three of the first reels before the free falls feature is activated and that can be difficult. But it pays off in big ways; when it finally happens, you get 10 (or more) free falls!

In the free fall mode, as in the main game, each consecutive victory on a round produces an avalanche. As the avalanches grow in number, the win multiplier rises–first avalanche: 3x, second avalanche: 6x, third avalanche: 9x, and any subsequent avalanches: 15x.

Avalanches might go on for a long time, but you won’t mind since it feels like money is raining from the sky. When the function comes to an end, bonus coins also drop, prompting Gonzo to rush over to pick them up in his helmet. But all of the additional funds are yours! You may be on your way to a massive win!

Free Play Gonzos Quest

Free Play Gonzos Quest

Gonzo’s Quest Gameplay

Gonzo’s Quest differentiated itself from other slots by the way the game functioned. Rather than classic reels, Gonzo utilized an Avalanche feature, in which symbols fall into the empty spaces on the reel rather than spinning. If a combination of symbols formed a winning sequence, those particular blocks would be destroyed and new ones would take their place at the top of the reel.

With the Avalanche feature, players can win numerous times in a row during the same game round. Each time new symbols are added to the reels, the multiplier increases too. Every spin starts with a 1x multiplier (excluding free spins), but it can go up to 2x, 3x and 5x with consecutive wins during that same game round – outside of free spins mode, this is then highest multiplier attainable.

There are five “reels” with three symbols each, and the number of winlines is always 20. You cannot choose the number of active win lines; it remains “locked” at 20 due to Gonzo’s Quest. This makes sense as the Avalanche feature, which is one of this game’s foundations, wouldn’t work correctly with fewer winlines. Winning combinations must appear on a winline from leftmost to right for it to be valid.

The game features seven standard symbols. Because the game is abstract, describing them might be difficult. I’ll include a photo with them, in addition to the seven regular icons. Aside from the 7 basic logos, there is also a Free Fall symbol and a Wild icon. 10 free spins are triggered when three Free Fall symbols appear simultaneously in a winline (or Free Falls as they’re known in Gonzo’s Quest). The Wild symbol acts as a substitute for all symbols, including the Free Falls.

The Avalanche is the most intriguing component of Gonzo’s gameplay. In a single game round, it can be thrilling to hit multiple consecutive wins and see the multiplier rise. This feature makes rooting for another big win much more exciting, as you watch old symbols combine with newly fallen ones onto the reels.

Gonzos Quest Slot Online

Gonzos Quest Slot Online

Gonzo’s Quest RTP and Variance

Gonzo’s Quest typically has a 96% return to player (RTP). That means you may expect to “win” $96 for every $100 you wager. Of course, this value is only valid statistically and in the long term, so your outcomes will vary.

The RTP of 96% is somewhat average for online slots . Games with a worse RTP would be unfavorable for the player, but there are also many games which have a much higher RTP.

Gonzo’s Quest is classified as a medium variance game, which means that it usually gives out average-sized wins with an average frequency. If you’re struggling to understand the concept of variance, don’t worry!


Gonzo’s Quest is a truly innovative and exciting game which has captivated players ever since its release in 2010. The Avalanche feature creates an engaging and unique gameplay, while the high RTP of 96% guarantees that players will get their money’s worth. Also you can try one of the best online slot Starburst. With a medium variance, Gonzo’s Quest is perfect for those who want to win often, but also stand a chance of winning big. And with such beautiful graphics, there’s no reason not to give it a try!


What is the maximum multiplier in Gonzo's Quest?

The maximum multiplier in Gonzo's Quest is 5x, which can be achieved by getting consecutive wins during the same game round.

What is the minimum bet in Gonzo's Quest?

The minimum bet in Gonzo's Quest is $0.20, and the maximum bet is $50.00.

How many winlines are there in Gonzo's Quest?

There are 20 winlines in Gonzo's Quest, and they are all active at all times. This is because the Avalanche feature would not work correctly with fewer winlines.

What is the Avalanche feature?

The Avalanche feature is a unique gameplay mechanic where symbols fall from the top of the reels instead of spinning. Winning combinations cause the symbols to explode and new symbols fall into their place, potentially leading to more wins. Each consecutive win increases the multiplier, up to a maximum of 5x.